5 Traveling Secret You Should Never Forget

There are people who see traveling as their way out from their daily life, even they think that it must be a great blessing to travel all over the world everyday as their dream job. The other think that traveling is a waste of money and we should not spent money on something useless like that. These two kind of people do not show us whether we need to travel or not. the real question is whether we already have the perfect mindset & purpose to travel or not. 


How much money will I need in Bali for 10 days?

Going abroad has its own problem. One of them is about the exchange rate. Going to Indonesia means than you should know the exchange rate from Rupiah to Dollar. But one thing more important is, how much the reasonable price of things in Rupiahs is. I once go to Thailand and had a dinner. Then the bill come and we paid the bill. After that, the waiter kept waiting near us, perhaps looking for some tips. Since we don’t really know the range of price in bath (also that was our first night in Thailand), we only tipped him about 0.1 dollar! He looked disappointed and then left us. We talked about that and later we realized that was only 0.1 dollar, no wonder he felt sad LOL

So, what will rupiah gives to you?


Do your Own Travel Research to Indonesia!

Recently I've found some list of traveling websites which help you to get the estimation of budget, activities, photo spot, hotel, itinerary, etc! They are very important that you will be able to enjoy your journey without lacking of anything in Indonesia. That is why some references will help you to plan where to go in Indonesia, where to stay, what to do, what to buy, and even, what you should aware about! Try this blog and do your own research. Have a pleasant journey ahead!


Photo Story: Tidung Island

People in Jakarta are very frustrated with their daily activities. They spend a lot of time in traffic jam, stressful working environment and pollution exposure. It is very understandable that between these tiring activity in jakarta, people need to escape and enjoy their lives. One of the most favorite places is Tidung Island in Kepulauan Seribu (literally means A Thousand Island) district in the north of Jakarta.

Tidung Island is one of the villages in South Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu selatan), Thousand Islands regency, Jakarta, Indonesia. Although Thousand Island is a district of the crowded and busy Jakarta, the situation is very different in here. Only about 3 hours boating from Jakarta main land with passenger ship, Tidung is well known for escape and leisure time. A few tips to go to thousand islands are they have specific islands with different range of prices to stay, and also some specific islands only for certain activities. For example, the price range for Tidung Island is much lower than Bidadari, where the price of a hotel room in Bidadari Island is about the same with Tidung’s whole tour package! Indeed, different price means different facilities, but never think that you will get rubbish facilities in Tidung. You’ll stay in homey local houses with air conditioned room and prime hospitality. Also free bicycle to go around the Island! It is not a hotel, but to interact with the local will be unforgettable moment.


FREE DOWNLOAD! English-Japanese-Bahasa Indonesia Travel Phrases


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Traveling abroad will give you a lot of opportunity to learn many things you've never seen before. You’ll learn new cultures, shocking hospitality like you've never felt before, new language and even new perspective to see your life. That’s why many travelers become addicted to the journey that they will do anything to see other part of the world.

One important thing every traveler see when they go elsewhere is the language barrier. While traveling, they will use translators to blend with the local and have small talk with them. It is good, since it is the opportunity for us the travelers to learn language during vacation, even only travel related topics and simple phrase.


Coffee of Indonesia, The Journey of Fine Taste

Coffee bean is a popular commodity in the world. It has been a favorite beverage menu in the café, as it is the best way to motivate people in the morning, and also the best way to kill time with relatives. It is in the breakfast menu with sandwiches, it is in the downtown menu, and even it is the favorite beverage in the office and campus. Coffee has been a lifestyle for high-end people. Many cafés tries to offer their secret menu and ingredients, some offer interesting price, some offer the best view and maybe simply free wifi, everything they can do since coffee is competitive commodity. Coffee franchises even try to sell tumbler, coupon, rewards, give cards, everything related to coffee as the coffee addict fashion and lifestyle. Being the coffee maker, barista, is also a good career consideration.


Why Bali is Superior: Notes Before You Explore Other Islands in Indonesia

It is very common that Indonesia is misunderstood as India since the name is similar. Some people might think that Indonesia is one of unknown country in Middle East, which is most western afraid to come. But when people say Bali, they agreed that it is a beautiful island every people want to have romantic travel in. It is a recommended place to have relaxing massage, delicious food, or simply nice tan skin. 

But people who have visited other part of Indonesia will agree, Bali is just a part of Indonesian beauty. There many more places worth to explore. Professional divers will agree that Bunaken, Raja Ampat and many other diving spots are better than Bali. Humanist will agree that Sumatera, Toraja, or Java have a lot of rich culture as great as Bali worth to explore. Lovers with intensive research will find that they can get many lonely islands which have great beaches which are less crowded. The problem is these places don’t have publicity as wide as Bali.