Urban Food: Almond Crispy Cheese from Surabaya

Have you ever heard that Japan only make special kind of green tea only in some areas? They don’t distribute some of special variants outside some prefectures, so it will be a signature gift from people traveling to Japan. Well, this idea has been an inspiration for people in Surabaya, and if you have chance to visit Surabaya, you shouldn’t miss the chance to buy a special snack, produced in Surabaya.


Tips for The Best Snorkeling Moment

Snorkeling is fun. Most of the time, you’ll end up satisfied with your time after snorkeling. But wait! There are more!! Maybe I can help you to enjoy your time better! So, these are tips for snorkeling in Indonesia.

1. Anti motion sickness.
The trip by boat will not be a comfortable sensation for some people. If you are likely to have a history of motion sickness,
I encouraged you to bring anti-motion sickness medications to reduce the effects of nausea and dizziness due to ocean waves. Even if you’ve never felt motion sickness, bring it as you never know how big will the wave when you do snorkeling.

2. Jacket

The weather may change very fast, and you might be uncomforted by the sea breeze. To reduce the effects of angina is a good idea to bring a jacket.


Preparation to go to Indonesia

Preparation will give you the best experience when you are in Indonesia. It is very common that people come to Indonesia and things go unexpected. Yes, Media tells you the beauty, but you will never experience the journey as beautiful as in the television! Some people hate preparation, then they simply go to Bali, scuba diving to Bunaken or simpy go to big cities like Bandung and Jakarta. 

But do you know that Belitung Island is beautiful too (and cleaner, cheaper than Bali since it is less famous)? Or you may go to Sulawesi to see the ancient tradition of Toraja? They are great, but indeed, they need extra preparation!


Natural Hot Spring, Sari Ater

It is very relaxing to be in this hot spring, Sari Ater, West Java. I also recommend you to stay at the Sari Ater Hotel so you can get into the hot spring as many times as possible. But if you are not staying and just go to the hot spring, beware of the scammers who try to tell you that the hot springs is closed, the hot springs is very expensive now and recommend you other place they got, etc, even before you are arrived! The places they offer are not worth it and you can spend more money there. Ignore them, keep going and you will get the hot springs people talking about. The largest one and not as expensive as the scammer said. Sometimes the official got the commission from the scammer too, so they also offer you the expensive package (include hot swimming pool, etc) and trying to convince you that the cheap one is bad because it is just a river. Well, you are looking for natural hot spring right? So, that's all you need, bro! It is good to have the package to the swimming pool, but it is hot that all you will do is sit and sleep there. Not different with the natural one! So, beware of people, and I recommend you to stay at the hotel because these problems won't happen since you have the right to swim anywhere as long as you are the hotel's guest.


Folklore from Papua

Irian Jaya, or also known as Papua, is a great part of Indonesia which is rich in cultures and natural beauties. The famous Raja Ampat is there, and many other white sand beaches are also there.  

Basically, you may know the cultures and habits of the society of a place from the old story from that place, since most of the life value in Indonesian society was told from elder to younger people. After you hear or read an old story from some places of Indonesia, you will see that the story is deep and meaningful, even though you may hear some illogical things in the story, perhaps it was made to activate the creativity of the children, and also the flavor to make the story become more interesting. So here, I present to you a folklore from Papua.. Enjoy :)

Pygmy Tarsier

The pygmy tarsier, with a head-body length of 95 to 105 mm (about 4 inches), weighs less than 57 grams (2 ounces), very distinct morphological features, a body length which is smaller than other tarsier species, and a small body weight, has become the smallest primate in the world.  It is also called mountain tarsier.

It has smaller ears than the rest of the genus, and its fur is tan or buff with predominant grey or brownish red coloring. The tail is heavily haired and ranges from 135 to 275 mm. The most noticeable feature of the pygmy tarsier is its large eyes, about 16 mm in diameter. The pygmy tarsier is nocturnal or crepuscular, and is mainly arboreal. 

It spends most of the daylight hours sleeping on vertical branches in the canopy. The pygmy tarsier is found on the island of Sulawesi. This species lives in the mossy, rainforests of central Sulawesi. It was believed that Pygmy tarsier had extinct since early 20th century, before some researchers found it in Sulawesi.

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mamalia
Order: Primates
Family: Tarsiidae
Genus: Tarsius

Species: T. pumilus

Raja Ampat, The Trivia

The name of Raja Ampat comes from local mythology that tells about a woman who finds seven eggs. Four of the seven eggs hatch and become kings that occupy four of Raja Ampat biggest islands whilst the other three become a ghost, a woman, and a stone. As stunningly beautiful above water as it is below, Raja Ampat (which literally translates as “The Four Kings”) has a startling diversity of habitats to explore. Each of these – from the stark wave-pounded slopes that drop away beneath the karst cliffs of Wayag and Uranie to the deep, nutrient-rich bays of Mayalibit, Kabui and Aljui to the “blue water mangrove” channels of Kofiau and Gam to the plankton-rich upwelling areas of Misool and the Dampier Strait – are home to unique assemblages of species that, when taken together, add to produce the most impressive species lists ever compiled for a coral reef system of this size.

Underwater enthusiasts flock to this region because it offers the world’s best marine sights. 

Well, Many articles in internet shows you how beautiful the islands. But instead of that, these articles will advice you with some trivia and friendly illustration about what you’ll get there. After all, a well prepared vacation will make you enjoy your visit.